Hansi Photo

Real Surrealism


 Alta, Utah, USA.

Alta, Utah, USA.



I am from Germany, and I take surreal pictures for the future.
Thanks to the internet, my pictures have been viewed
over 30 million times and counting.

My goal is to show you the beauty of the world that we live in, and how improbable our existence truly is. 

Each photo of mine is like a painting -- each will only ever be printed once.
Once it's sold, it's sold. Click here to see what prints are available right now.

My pictures have been used around the world by Trailrunner Magazine, Folk Magazine, Mobile Magazine, The Chive, The Cool Magazine, Folk Vibe, Straps by El Roobs, The Lens Bible, Sony Alphas Club, Feedback Nation, Cathay Pacific Airways, Naked Hawaii, Visit Hawaii, Visit Salt Lake, Visit Utah, Utah is Rad, The University of Utah, Utah.com, and more.